Scheiny’s All Star Yiddish Revue

05 Mai 2022


Scheiny’s all inclusive “Cinco de Mayo” concert party
Viva Mexico! A „David and Goliath“ true story!

Beginn 19:30 Uhr
Spitzer Öffnungszeiten: 18 - 24 Uhr
Frei Spende!
Pay as you wish, at the door!

The date is just a coincidence but why not celebrate the defeat of French imperialist forces in the 1862 Battle of Puebla? After a short interim with some Hapsburg involvement, (sorry for Maximillian....He really should have stayed in Miramare!)... Mexico finally threw out Old World powers and began their own homegrown struggles....

We’ll try our best with a Mexican song or Yiddish, of course!


Deborah “Scheiny” Gzesh - vocals
Thomas Berghammer - trumpet
Muamer Budimlic - accordion
W.V. Wizlsperger - bass
Paul Skrepek - drums


Since 2013 “Scheiny’s All Star Yiddish Revue”, serves audiences a smorgasbord of Yiddish music. Deborah „Scheiny“ Gzesh, vocals, among others, accordionist Muamer Budimlic, and rhythm section, drums and bass, offer an entertaining repertoire ranging from traditional songs to Yiddish swing, new klezmer revival and 50’s & 60’s shtick on a musical roller coaster ride from Belz to the Borscht Belt and beyond.